Axel (burn8seconds) wrote in dis_acdmy_crack,

No, I'm not here to say I'm off hiatus because, well, I'm only having a little reprieve from one con to the next. I'm just simply coming back to show something to the masses.

Well, like I said, I was at a con last weekend and, to a few people, I promised pictures.

....I took four. Most of them in my hotel room.

BUUUT! I did get a cosplay picture in that mix so, to those who asked and those who are currently going 'Huh, you left? who cares!' Here is the ONE COSPLAY PICTURE!



Yeah. Clearly a certain RP was in mind for me to take this picture.
Tags: abusing tags is fun, blondes do have more fun, bring d_a on vacation, bromance, crossovers are fun, crossovers are scary, cruel and unsual, d_a irl, dawwww, join this class, lol hiatus whut?, lol i dunno, making you cry, miguel is going to die, moustachioed maiden, probably gay, spamming the crack comm, stop posting stupid things, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, tags are for the weak, the disney academy clan, the hiatus is a lie, the misadventures of mibro and synbrome, tulio's third favorite pair of legs
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